If you are participating in the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Maintenance Management Accreditation this post may interest you?

The NHVR Business Rules and Standards Appendix 1: Maintenace Management Standard details the minimum requirements for heavy vehicle daily checks. Appendix 1 also describes the wording for daily heavy vehicle checks. The wording is required to be explicitly the same.

The wording for heavy vehicle daily checks is detailed in Appendix 1 is as follows:

(a) Wheels and tyres:
– tyres for pressure (visual check) and tread integrity
– wheels security.

(b) Lights and reflectors:
– all lights, including clearance lights (where applicable) are fitted and operating
– all reflectors and lenses.

(c) Windows, mirrors and wipers:
– windows and mirrors for security, damage and grime windscreen wipers and washers operate effectively ensuring clear forward vision.

(d) Structure and bodywork:
-all panels and readily visible structural members are secure and free from cracks fluid or air leaks (For example, oil, fuel, water, refrigerant/coolant, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid or other).

(e) Brakes:
– brake failure indicators pressure/vacuum gauges
– drain air tanks.

(f) Tow couplings and drawbars:
– tow couplings and drawbars to be visually inspected for security and integrity.

(g) NHVAS label and Intercept report book:
– fitted not obscured
– free of damage
– Intercept report book is kept with the vehicle.

(h) On-Road Vehicle Fault Report:
Any faults found during the Daily Check are to be recorded within the On-Road Vehicle Fault Report.

The Appendix also details that the individual(s) who carried out the check understands they are certifying that the vehicle is safe to the limits of the inspection prior to the vehicle being used on a road and checks are to include both the hauling and trailing equipment.

You can download the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards by clicking this link.

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