Analytics & Reporting

DIGI CLIP analytics is a powerful tool that will help assess your organisation’s performance and identify trends and problem areas over time.

Forms Submitted Bar Graph

Forms Submitted Graph

The forms submitted graph provides data on the number of forms or a single form that has been submitted over a period of time. The graph can be viewed as a bar or line graph.

Snap Shot of the Action Register

The Action Register Overview graphic displays a snapshot of the performance of the Action Register. Quickly identify the number of actions overdue through to actions that have been closed out.

Action Register Overview
Form Submissions

Number of Form Submissions

The Form Submissions graphical provides the number of forms that have been submitted over a period of time.

Number of People

The Number of People graphical provides the number of people that have submitted forms over a period of time.

Number of People
Failed List Items

Failed List Items

The Failed List Items graphical provides the number of faults, defects or other issues reported over a period of time. Failed List Items are calculated from smart fields used in checklists.


Filters are used to drill down into your data. The Number of Forms Graph and the Form Submissions, Number of People and Failed List Items all use the main filter to calculate the data.

Failed List Items List

Frequently Failed List Items

The Frequently Failed List Items is a list of the ten most failed list items taken from smart fields in checklists. This list is automatically generated. The list can be generated also by using the date picker.

Insights to improve safety, compliance and take your business processes to another level

Take your data to the next level with DIGI CLIP mobile forms checklist and inspection software. The analytics page can be exported as a PDF to help communicate your data. Analytics will help identify areas of improvement where corrective measures can be implemented for safety, compliance and business processes.