Track Faults, Defects and Actions with the DIGI CLIP Action Register

Never miss a deadline again!

The DIGI CLIP Action Register tracks and communicates the workflows of required actions. Actions are added to the Action Register from DIGI CLIP mobile forms, the Safety Tracker incident and hazard management software and manually.  Actions can be made re-occurring, or scheduled as a future event. With the Digi Clip Action Register never miss a deadline again!

The automated email functionality allows selected stakeholders  within an organisation to receive emails when an action is added to the Action Register, nearing the required completion date, overdue, implemented and closed-out. Further, to complete the workflow cycle of a required action an email is sent to the email address of the person that initially reported the fault or defect once the action is closed-out.   

Allocate Tasks and Track Close-Out Actions with Ease

  • Checklists & Inspections with DIGI CLIP Mobile forms
  • Checklists and inspections by DIGI CLIP mobile forms

Features Include:

  • Action (fault or defect) management
  • Actions added automatically from ‘Smart Fields’ 
  • Automated email alerts
  • Actions are prioritised and colour coded
  • Add action owner for accountability
  • Full edit and update functionality
  • Closed-out actions are archived
  • Supporting document upload.

Breeze Through Audits

The DIGI CLIP Action Register tracks and communicates the workflow of required actions, and allows for documents to be uploaded that support the workflow of actions. The Action Register is ideal for organisations that get audited and require evidence of compliance.

Reduce Maintenance Costs with the Action Register

The Action Register reduces the costs associated with maintaining your vehicles, equipment and facilities. On road vehicle and equipment breakdowns are costly and reduce the efficiency of organisations. Having full visibility on what repairs or maintenance have been completed and closed-out will provide peace of mind and increase vehicle and equipment uptime.


Thousands of checklists, inspections, audits and other forms are powered by DIGI CLIP mobile forms – vehicle and equipment pre-operational checks, toolbox talks, construction site hazard checklists, facilities inspection checklists, food safety and more. It is the mobile form checklist solution to suite all industry sectors.

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