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Staff and team members spend a huge portion of their day filling out paperwork, only to then be chased up by you to lodge and submit it. Digi Clip lets you lose the paperwork, and cut out the time of chasing down the documents.

Our custom forms are filled out on an app and instantly sent to every person and place that you need. Our internal search engine allows for quick and ready access to all information as needed, no more filing cabinets!

Never Chase Up Missing Paperwork Again!

Desk Top Digi Clip Form BuilderiPad Digi Clip Mobile Forms

DIGI CLIP means never
chasing paperwork again!

Capture information on a smart phone or tablet
Attach photos, capture electronic signatures, and use the GPS functionality

All forms are geo and time stamped

iPad Digi Clip Mobile Forms


l. Author and Deploy 

Our simple form builder lets you replace forms, checklists and all types of paperwork. You don’t need to know a thing about coding.

You select the functionality needed, from checkboxes and drop down menus, all the way to photos.

It’s that easy, that if you have trouble with it, we will even build it for you!

2. Complete and Submit on the Go

Our app works with Android or Apple, and you don’t even need an internet connection at all times. The app will submit to your chosen people and places the moment it gets the chance.

Completed paperwork can be emailed, or saved to any location you need!

3. Easy Access to Data

Completed forms go everywhere you need them, but can also be managed from our user-friendly console. With your data securely stored in the cloud, you can check submitted forms from anywhere in the world.

Never Hunt Around for Paperwork Again!

Watch how easy it is to build a form in the Digi Clip Form Generator.


The Digi Clip mobile form platform was designed with features that will change how you collect, analyse and archive information.

  • Cloud based software

  • Smart device app (Android & IOS)

  • Form Generator

  • User name and password protected

  • Secure data transfer

  • Header, body and footer fields

  • Add organisational logo to forms

  • Text response fields

  • Field auto population (time, date, address and the users details)

  • Automated emails

  • Add media

  • Drop down lists

  • Smart fields

  • Copy form components into a new form

  • Radio buttons

  • Check boxes

  • Signature capture

  • Edit and update functionality

  • Required fields

  • Export functionality

  • Save to Draft

  • Offline data capture

  • Forms geo and time stamped

  • Digi Text – push notifications

  • Mapping

  • Dedicated Incident and hazard reporting

  • Task management

  • Data archiving

Some forms our customers use include:

  • Report an Incident

  • Report a Hazard

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Safe Driving Plan

  • Equipment Pre-operational Checks

  • Hazard Inspection

  • Permit to Work

  • Client details capture


Asset Management

Streamline asset management processes from initial inspections through to the completion of required works. Digi Clip allows all relevant decision makers the required information as soon as a form is submitted. Repairs and closeout actions can be tracked and closed out in the Action Register. Further, actions can be scheduled or made reoccurring. Digi Clip mobile forms will free up asset managers to be productive in other areas.

Logistics and Warehousing

Complete equipment pre-operational checks, safe journey plans and report incidents and hazards all on your phone. Digi Clip is highly suited for a mobile workforce. As soon as checklist or form is submitted with a failed field an email notification is sent to the fleet manager and scheduler informing them of the fault. Contingencies can then be activated to repair or replace the equipment or reschedule  the job. Even email third parties completed forms.

Aged Care

Aged care has a focus on quality and accountability and there are also statutory obligations for approved providers. Digi Clip allows all forms and checklists to be completed on a tablet and submitted to a central register for archiving or actioning, if required. Completed forms can be used as evidence of compliance with Quality Reporting and workplace health and safety legislation. Breeze through audits with Digi Clip mobile forms!

Aged care worker with Digi Clip app on a tablet


Digi Clip allows you to have all of your forms at your fingertips. Some of the forms our customers have digitised include; Site Diaries, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Permit to Work, Site Inspections, Toolbox Talks, Pre-Operational Checklists, Incident Reports, Hazard Reports, Quality Reports and Time Sheets. Forms are completed and submitted from the field to the office or to those who need to know in real time. As your information requirements change so can your forms!


In manufacturing, supervisors spend hours completing paper based forms on quality, materials, production, safety, and much more. Digi Clip will stream line this process from the floor through to corrective actions freeing up your supervisors to be productive in other areas. Further, managers and decision makers will receive relevant operational information in real time. This will give your organisation a competitive advantage especially when compliance and quality are on the line!

Field Service Industry

Field service technicians need to accurately complete and send paperwork to the office. Digi Clip helps eliminate ineffective paper-based forms and processes, and replace them with mobile forms. With the Digi Clip mobile form solution all your field workers require is a smart device and they can communicate reports, time sheets, quotes, or any other required information to the office in real time. Digi Clip allows organisations to receive and act on information quicker than ever before!

If your solution isn’t here contact Digi Clip today to find out how we can help you!


Note: All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and international transactions may incur a conversion fee.

  • Discounts apply after 40 users

  • 15% discount applies if subscription is paid annually

  • 1 GB of storage free

Signup now for the 14 day free trial. No credit card required!


Q: What is a user?

A: A user is a person that has their email address and details on the Digi Clip software application.

Q: Can I still complete forms while offline?

A: Yes, Digi Clip works seamlessly both with Internet connectivity and offline.

Q: Do I have to complete a form and submit it straight away?

A: No, Digi Clip has a draft data cache where forms can be partially, or fully, completed and submitted at a later time.

Q: How are forms templates generated?

A: Forms templates are generated in the Digi Clip cloud based software and synced automatically with the smart device app.

Q: What devices can I use to complete forms?

A: Digi Clip provides apps for IOS and Android devices.

Q: How do I know that the form has been submitted successfully to the cloud based software?

A: A success message is provided in the app once the form has been successfully submitted.

Q: Can I author my own form templates in the cloud software?

A: Yes, the form generator was designed for people without coding experience and form templates can be generated with little or no training. However, Digi Clip will author your form templates if required.

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Yes, data is password and username protected and encrypted with SSL technology.

Q: Once a form has been submitted how do I access it?

A: Forms are submitted to the Form Register where they are archived. The Form Register allows forms to be searched by form name and date range for viewing or exporting.

Q: What if I decide to leave?

A: We will be sorry to see you go, but you simply cancel your account, grab your data (it’s yours and you take it with you), and at the end of your monthly subscription period your account will be closed down.


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“Digi Clip has made a significant difference in safety, quality and how we go about our business.”

“We do all of our pre-operational equipment checks and safe journey plans digitally now … . It certainly has made an improvement in safety compliance for us.”

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