Logistics checklists and inspections by DIGI CLIP mobile forms

Logistics Checklists Made Easy

DIGI CLIP mobile forms lets your transport operators complete all of your logistics checklists, inspections & other forms on a phone or tablet via our mobile app. Completed forms are communicated to those that need them, and archived automatically. No more lost or late forms! 

Start completing your logistics checklists today!

Conduct Transport and Logistics Checklists to Improve Safety, Compliance & Profits!

Vehicle and equipment pre-operational checks conducted daily or prior to operation result in fewer on road issues, less accidents, increased vehicle uptime and on time deliveries. By having your transport operators complete your transport and logistics checklists, on the DIGI CLIP mobile forms app, safety will be greatly improved, you will have evidence of compliance and ultimately increase profits.

Logistics checklists and inspections by DIGI CLIP mobile forms

Communicate Transport and Logistics Checklists in Real Time

The DIGI CLIP mobile form application lets you receive your forms and checklists in real time via automated emails. The application can be set up to email stakeholders every time a form is submitted, submitted with an action item, or both. Managers and other stakeholders are informed immediately when a vehicle or equipment has a defect, safety issue or another action item. DIGI CLIP makes it easier to capture, communicate and rectify defects before they become escalated to on road issues.

Safety and Compliance Made Easy

Standardise information captured within your forms and checklists across your organization. Share and update your transport and logistics checklists in real time. Analyse your data to identify problem areas. The DIGI CLIP mobile forms application aides in Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliance.

The DIGI CLIP Action Register tracks and communicates the workflows of defects and required actions. Defects are added directly from your submitted transport and logistics checklists. The DIGI CLIP Action Register ensures the workflow of defects is communicated and documented.

Logistics checklists and inspections by DIGI CLIP mobile forms

Safety Tracker is DIGI CLIP‘s incident and hazard reporting, and management software application. Incidents, hazards and quality non-conformances are reported via the DIGI CLIP app or directly on the cloud based software. Investigations and hazard assessments are completed on templates provided by us, and corrective and closeout actions tracked and communicated by Safety Tracker.

Smart field in a transport and logistics checklist.

Enhance Reporting of Your Transport and Logistics Checklists 

Use the photo functionality of your smart device to add images to your transport and logistics checklists. Adding images to your forms and checklists improves the quality and information captured within checklists and other forms. There is also a signature field for operator accountability.

Some of the Transport and Logistics Checklists and Forms That Our Customers Are Using:

  • Vehicle and Equipment Pre-Start Checklist 

  • Forklift Truck Pre-Operational Checklist

  • Incident Report Form

  • Hazard Report Form

  • Maintenance Request Form

  • Site Inspection Form

  • POD (Proof of Delivery) Form

  • Toolbox Talk

Checklists and inspections by DIGI CLIP mobile forms

How DIGI CLIP mobile forms works?

1. Author and Deploy

Our easy to use form builder lets you replace current transport and logistics checklists and all types of paperwork. With our easy to use form builder you don’t even need to know coding

You select the functionality needed, from checkboxes and drop-down menus, all the way to photos.

It’s that easy!

2. Complete and Submit on the Go

Our app works with Android or Apple devices, however, an internet connection is not needed, if not available. Forms are saved within the app and then can be submitted as soon as there is Internet connectivity.

Completed transport and logistics checklists can be emailed, or saved to any location you need!

3. Easy Access to Data

Completed forms can be saved anywhere, but can also be managed from our user-friendly console as well. With your data securely stored in the cloud, you can check submitted forms from anywhere in the world.

Never loose paperwork again!

DIGI CLIP mobile forms Form Library

Don’t want to start your digital forms from scratch? No problem! Just go to our Form Library and import your digital forms directly into your account. All digital form templates can be edited or updated as required to meet your requirements.

Why DIGI CLIP mobile forms?

  • Works seamlessly with and without Internet connectivity

  • Works on IOS and Android smart devices

  • Forms templates are configurable

  • Access your submitted forms anywhere in the world

  • Reduce costs associated with paper based reporting

  • Vehicle and equipment defect reporting

  • Improve safety

  • Improve compliance

  • Increase profits!


Thousands of logistics and transport pre-operational checks, checklists, inspections, and other forms are powered by DIGI CLIP mobile forms – vehicle and equipment pre-operational checks, toolbox talks, site hazard checklists, facilities inspection checklists, driver maintenance requests, and more. It is the mobile form checklist solution to suit the transport and logistics sectors.

Some of our business partners:

Digitise your vehicle and equipment pre-operational checklists, facilities inspections, audits and other forms with DIGI CLIP and automate their workflow. No more late, missing or illegible  checklists, inspections or audits from transport operators!

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