Checklist & Inspection Mobile App

Streamline fleet, equipment & facilities reporting

Checklists & Inspections are fully customizable 

  • Complete, communicate & archive checklists & inspections on a phone or tablet
  • Manage vehicle, equipment, facilities & compliance
  • Reduce vehicle & equipment maintenance costs
  • Improve processes that drive compliance, safety & profits!

Start completing pre-start and equipment checklists, and facilities inspections today!

Digital Vehicle, Equipment and Facilities Checklists and Inspections

DIGI CLIP is a mobile checklists and inspection app designed for transport operators, field workers, supervisors and safety professionals to quickly and efficiently report on vehicles, equipment, facilities and safety.

Pre-operational checks by DIGI CLIP


Checklists and inspections are completed on a phone or tablet with the DIGI CLIP mobile app. Smart fields allow for additional comments and photos when required. Electronic signatures can be added for accountability.

Pre-operational checks by DIGI CLIP


Automated emails alert fleet managers, mechanics, supervisors and stakeholders once a checklist or inspection list item fails. Track the work flow of a fault or defect from discovery to close out with the Action Register. View reports from the DIGI CLIP cloud-based software.

Pre-operational checks by DIGI CLIP

Super Easy

You’ll be up and running in minutes, not hours or days. Select your pre-start checklist, equipment checklists or facilities inspection from our Form Library, edit to suit your requirements, start completing your checklists and inspections on our mobile app – with or without the internet.

Manage Your Fleet Like a Champion with Digital Pre-Start Checklists

Vehicle and equipment inspections conducted daily or prior to operation result in fewer on road issues, increased vehicle uptime and more on time deliveries. By having transport operators complete transport and logistics checklists, on the DIGI CLIP mobile forms app, the processes that drive safety, compliance and profits are greatly improved.

Why DIGI CLIP for your Checklists and Inspections?

  • iOS and Android inspection app for smart phones and tablets

  • Complete checklists and inspections with or without internet connectivity

  • Vehicle, equipment and facility defect and hazard reporting

  • Automated emails to alert when a checklist or inspection item fails

  • Highly configurable
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Reduce costs associated with paper based reporting
  • Reduce costs associated with costly on-road breakdowns
  • Improve safety
  • Improve compliance
  • Increase profits!
Checklists Forklift Pre-Operational Check iPad


Thousands of checklists, inspections, audits and other forms are powered by DIGI CLIP mobile forms – vehicle and equipment pre-start checks, toolbox talks, construction site hazard inspections, facilities inspection, and more. It is the mobile form checklist and inspection solution to suit multiple industry sectors.

Some of our business partners:

Digitise your checklists, inspections, audits and other forms with DIGI CLIP and automate their workflow. No more late, missing or illegible  checklists, inspections or audits!

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