Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Easily streamline your heavy equipment inspections with the DIGI CLIP mobile forms heavy equipment inspection app.  

The DIGI CLIP heavy equipment inspection app allows equipment operators to complete equipment inspections on a phone or tablet with ease. Track and manage faults and defects in the cloud-based software.

What is the DIGI CLIP Equipment Inspection App?

Heavy equipment operation can be hazardous. The DIGI CLIP mobile equipment inspection app is an easy-to-use smart device app that allows equipment operators to easily complete checklist inspections on a phone or tablet. The app will allow operators to identify, document and report equipment faults and defects using digital templates. The app also allows comments to be added further describing the fault or defect, photos to be added and digital signatures to be added.

Heavy Equipment Inspection App Checklists

The DIGI CLIP mobile forms form builder lets you convert existing checklist inspections or build a comprehensive custom list of items to inspect during a heavy equipment inspection. You can use it to create a checklist for each piece of heavy equipment, Checklist items often include tires, engines, transmissions, axles, steering components, brakes, suspension systems, chassis parts, cab/cabin, lights, mirrors, ROPs/FOPs, etc.

Don’t want to start your heavy vehicle inspections from scratch?

DIGI CLIP mobile forms have a Form Libary with heavy equipment inspections ready to use that you can add to your account. All heavy equipment checklists can be edited or updated to meet your needs in the cloud-based software.

If your heavy equipment inspection is not in the Form Libary send it through and we’ll add it for you.

Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor Pre-Operational Checklist – Used to conduct equipment visual and functional safety checks before use.

Download Template


Excavator Daily Pre-Start Checklist – Used to conduct excavator daily pre-start visual and functional safety checks.

Download Template

Dump Truck Combo

Dump Truck and Trailer Combo Pre-Start Checklist – Used to conduct daily pre-start dump truck and trailer combo pre-start checks.

Download Template


Grader Pre-Stat Checklist – Used to conduct grader daily pre-start checks.

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Access and Complete your heavy equipment inspections on a phone or tablet

The DIGI CLIP mobile forms smart device app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device. All of your heavy equipment inspections are accessed and completed on the DIGI CLIP app. The app will also allow heavy equipment inspections to be completed if there is no internet connectivity.

No more lost, late missing or illegible heavy equipment inspections!

All of your inspections are stored securely in the cloud

All submitted heavy equipment inspections are stored securely in the cloud-based software. The cloud-based software has a full search functionality so you’ll never have missing heavy equipment inspections again.

Inspections can be printed or exported in a PDF or bulk exported in a CSV file or excel spreadsheet for easy communication.

Receive email alerts when things go wrong. The cloud-based software will alert you via an automated email if a fault, defect or unsafe condition has been identified in an inspection checklist.

The cloud-based software also has an Action Register where faults and defects are automatically added. Once in the Action Register, they can be assigned to people in your team to rectify. Once corrective measures have been implemented the fault or defect is closed out. The Action Register tracks and communicates the workflow of faults and defects making your heavy equipment safer.

Analyse your heavy equipment inspection data

Take your data to the next level with DIGI CLIP mobile forms analytics. DIGI CLIP’s analytics will help makes sense of your data and identify areas of improvement where corrective measures can be implemented for safety, compliance and improved business processes. The analytics page can be exported as a PDF to help communicate your data.

Why do you want a heavy equipment inspection app?

In short, the heavy equipment inspection app and cloud-based software will reduce heavy equipment inspections and administrative tasks by up to 65%, improve equipment uptime and help with safety and compliance.

DIGI CLIP mobile forms – What Do We Do?

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is an easy-to-use inexpensive digital checklist & inspection app and cloud-based software. DIGI CLIP is used across different industries to capture safety and compliance data and other information to help improve safety, compliance and operational efficiencies.

DIGI CLIP will allow you to remove paper reporting from your business – no more lost, late missing or illegible checklists. The DIGI CLIP mobile app allows images, comments and digital signatures to be added to checklists from a phone or tablet.

DIGI CLIP has a Form Library where you can access all of the above forms and more for your use. All checklists and inspections can be edited or updated to meet your risk and operational requirements.

Follow this link if you want to know more about what we do and how we can help or send us a message.

Streamline your heavy equipment inspections with the DIGI CLIP heavy equipment inspection app today.