What to Look for in a Checklist App for Android

Do you spend most of your time and money reporting on vehicles, equipment, facilities, worksites, and safety? Not anymore! 

With a checklist app for Android, you can easily digitise and automate your checklists, inspections, audits, and other forms.

But how do you choose the right app for your company? Read on to explore the top 6 features that you must have in a checklist and inspection app.

1. Ease of Use

Checklist app for Android device

A checklist app for Android should be easy to use and adopt so that you can seamlessly replace existing checklists and all kinds of paperwork. It should be user-friendly with ideally no coding so that even non-techie users can take advantage of it.

For instance, DIGI CLIP doesn’t need any coding at all. You get all functionality in-built – from checkboxes and drop-down menus, all the way to photos. Checklists and inspections are authored and updated in an easy to use form builder.

2. Robust Reporting

One of the most critical features in a checklist app for Android is reporting. If you are a trucking or supply chain company, it should allow you to report on vehicles, equipment, and facilities on a smartphone or tablet. This ensures you are compliance-ready at all times.

Checklist app for Android device

3. Checklist and Inspection Templates

Checklist app for Android device

With the easy-to-use, customisable checklist and inspection templates, a checklist app for Android ensures that the information captured is standardised across the organisation.

Moreover, pre-built checklist templates save you from the hassle of building your digital forms or checklists from scratch. For instance, with DIGI CLIP, you can effortlessly import your digital checklists and inspections directly into your account. All digital templates can be edited or updated as needed to meet your requirements.

4. Real-Time Updates

If you’re a busy safety and compliance professional, the last thing you’d want is the hassle to update your checklist app for your Android device manually. Therefore, you should invest in cloud-based software that updates the app in real-time to ensure you have all the latest features.

Checklist app for Android device

5. Analytics and Insights

Checklist app for Android device

Today, data is critical – regardless of the industry you work in. A checklist app for Android should analyse your data to identify problem areas so that you can ensure workplace safety and other legislative compliance.

6. Automation

One of the biggest overheads for checklists and inspections is the paper and printing cost. A checklist app for Android should automate the whole process so that checklists are automatically communicated and archived.

This will help reduce the paper and printing costs and reduce the time taken to complete the process. As a result, your team will have more time to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Checklist app for Android device

Streamline Your Inspections with the DIGI CLIP Checklist App for Android devices

DIGI CLIP is a powerful fleet, equipment, and facilities management app that offers fully customisable checklists and inspections on a smartphone or tablet. You can automatically communicate and log and track faults and defects.

DIGI CLIP checklist app for Android devices helps you save time and money by:

Eliminating late, missing, or illegible checklists

Improving reporting on vehicles & equipment

Reducing printing costs and expensive vehicle and equipment breakdowns

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