Why UseForklift Pre-Start Safety Checks

Forklifts are one of the most dangerous machines on the job site. They can cause serious injuries or even death if not properly maintained.

Before using a forklift, you need to inspect it for damage and ensure it is safe to operate. Forklift pre-start safety checks not just reduce the risk of injury for the operator and other employees but also make it easier to detect and fix any potential maintenance issues early before they become a major problems.

Forklift pre-start safety checks should be part of the regular routine and performed at the start of each shift and whenever an operator uses a different forklift. When there are multiple employees using a single forklift, operators should not assume that the forklift was left in a safe condition when the previous operator used it.  Forklift pre-start safety checks should include both visual and physical checks.

When To Use Forklift Pre-Start Safety Checks

There are many different types of forklifts, but for the most part, they follow the same procedures. Before you start operating your forklift, there are pre-operational checks you can perform and operational checks to ensure your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of your forklift; these checks will only take a few moments to complete and should include any attached equipment.

Forklift Pre-Start Safety Checks – What To Include

Safe Work Australia also details that forklift pre-start safety checks should include:

  • checking the load rating plates to be sure the industrial lift truck and its attachments are suitable for the job
  • inspecting lift and tilt systems including attachments e.g. clamps, hydraulic lines for oil leaks, chains, cables and whether limiters are operating properly and safely
  • checking steering, brakes including park brakes, operating controls and lights are operational
  • inspecting each tyre for wear, damage and inflation for pneumatic types
  • checking guarding is in place and functional e.g. around the battery compartment or fuel lines
  • checking that warning devices are operational
  • inspecting fork arms and attachments for deformation, damage or wear
  • checking liquid levels e.g. hydraulic oil, brake fluid and water
  • inspecting gas cylinders where necessary and their securing system, and
  • testing seat belts to make sure they work reliably.

Below is a screenshot of a digital forklift pre-start safety inspection checklist.

Forklift Pre-start checklists

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