Digital Vehicle & Equipment Inspections

DIGI CLIP vehicle and equipment checklist inspections are completed on a smartphone or tablet using the DIGI CLIP mobile app. Digital checklist inspection templates are fully customisable to meet your organisational needs. The cloud-based software archives checklist inspections and communicates failed checklist items (faults and defects). The cloud-based software adds the required repairs to the Action Register. The Action Register tracks and informs the workflow of the repairs. DIGI CLIP is the end to end digital inspection checklist solution.

This is how it all works:

– Driver completes the required daily pre-start checks using the DIGI CLIP mobile app on a smart device.
– The cloud-based software automatically adds any faults or defects to the Action Register. The fleet manager schedules repairs.
– When the repairs are complete, the Action Register is updated. The Action Register can upload supporting documentation.
– The repairs are closed-out by the fleet manager. The Action Register automates an email informing the driver of the repairs.
– The vehicle is back on the road with evidence of the repairs and is safe and compliant.