7 Reasons Why You Need to Adopt Mobile Forms in Your Business

With the increasing importance of mobile forms in our daily lives and the need to operate in a manner that is more environmentally acceptable, moving away from paper-based forms and checklists is fast becoming the norm for businesses across the globe.

Integrating Mobile Forms Is Easy

With the number of businesses who now offer digitalization of paper-driven processes, the ease and speed of adoption is now easier than ever before. You no longer need to provide your staff with extensive system training on how to use new technologies such as this. The majority of mobile form programs or applications are straightforward to use and in most, are self-explanatory with easy to understand interfaces.

Mobile Forms Help Your Business to Be More Productive

Whether you are a business who is looking to use mobile forms with staff based on-site or out in the field; you can boost the productivity of your workforce with ease. If you need to track jobs, hours or feedback of any kind in your business, paperwork takes time to complete, and time to translate in to back office systems. Further, there are always forms and checklists that are difficult to read, and forms and checklists that get lost. Mobile forms also allow for no more partially completed forms or missed fields.

Increase Workforce Visibility

With large or mobile teams, along with those who operate across multi-side operations, visibility in real-time is not always achievable. Knowing the productivity on an hourly or daily basis can be a challenge. Mobile forms will provide your business with the instant benefit of relaying the productivity and actions of your workforce in next to real time. This greater level of accuracy and visibility means that you no longer have to use a paper-based process to track your team and any associated activities, allowing you to spend more time focusing on matters that need immediate attention.

Enhance Quality Control in Your Business

If you have a quality assurance element within your business and need checklists to be completed, mobile forms provide the perfect solution; bringing the added benefit of optimizing your visibility and your ability to identify trends and patterns quickly. You can easily integrate date and time stamps along with GPS location into your mobile forms, and if needed add media such as photographs and video to enhance the information cpatured.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Mobile Forms

This point is probably the most obvious of all the reasons why mobile form adoption can help your business. Introducing mobile forms to replace paper based forms and checklist related processes will cut down on the paper used within your organization. Not only will this cost less, but it will also reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and make information capture functions environmentally friendly. It has to be a good thing to save our forests!

Control Information Storage and Collection

By introducing mobile forms into your business, you will have improved your data collection abilities, along with enhancing the storage capabilities of that information as well. Less data entry will be required at the office and less room will be taken up with storage and archiving. You regain control of the data centrally, giving you a much easier way to collect and store crucial business information. If your business is subject to any auditing, this will also enable a much smoother and faster audit preparation process.

Improved Response Times

If you replace paper-led processes with mobile forms and checklists, your business will be empowered to deal with any issues that arise much quicker than ever before. You will be able to react and respond to the information you receive rapidly. Having this increased capability of being able to an issue, before it escalates into a much bigger issue can be crucial not only for your customers, but also for your company’s reputation. Problem resolution can occur much quicker, along with the tracking and reporting of any results and feedback.

More and more business processes, relating specifically to capturing and communicating information are becoming digitalized, and mobile form adoption is on the rise.