Throw Paper Forms in the Bin

Businesses are always looking for ways to get a competitive edge. One way to improve efficiencies and reduce costs is to throw paper forms in to the bin. The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper per year (this is actually a modest estimation). That is around $60 to $70 per year on paper per employee. That is rather expensive considering that up to 50% of the paper will end up in landfill. Further, in some extreme cases it can cost up to 31 times the original cost of the paper to send information when you take into account the paper, printing, postage, filling, storage, etc.

The cost doesn’t stop there! The time factor to find archived forms or documents is about 15 minutes. Finally, many businesses would fail if their paper based forms or documents where rendered useless by fire or water damage.

With a tech savvy workforce, reduced costs associated with cloud computing and smart devices being the main means of communicating data either by facebook, twitter or email we are already capturing and communicating data via smart devices. Businesses need to learn form their employees how to use technology to capture and communicate  information. More and more businesses are doing away with snail mail and using email systems to communicate information that otherwise would take days or week to communicate  and the cost of an envelope and a stamp. Mobile forms save time, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Contact today to find out about your digital data capture solution today!