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Every form and checklist your field workers currently use made easier, simpler and paper free with one simple app.

Never lose paperwork again!

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Increase Profits

The Digi Clip mobile form application will allow you to do away with paper forms and checklists out of your organization. This alone will allow you to save  on paper, printing and filling costs.

Increase Efficiency

Once a field worker submits a form or checklist Digi Clip sends that information to every person and place that needs it. The ‘cloud’ based form register allows easy access to every form submitted. 

Improve Compliance

Completed forms can be used as evidence of compliance with Quality Reporting and Workplace Health and Safety legislation. Breeze through audits with Digi Clip mobile forms!

With Digi Clip Your Forms Are Fully Customizable To Meet Your Organizational Needs

Desk Top Digi Clip Form Builder

Author and Deploy Your Forms

Our simple form builder lets you replace forms, checklists and all types of paperwork. You don’t need to know a thing about coding.

You select the functionality required in the form, from checkboxes and drop down menus, all the way to photos and signatures.

It’s that easy, that if you have trouble with it, we will even build it for you!

Complete and Submit on the Go

The Digi Clip mobile app. works with Android or Apple smart phones or tablets, and you don’t even need an internet connection at all times. The app. works offline and will submit completed forms once internet connectivity is achieved. 

Completed paperwork can be emailed, or saved to any location you need!

iPad Digi Clip Mobile Forms

Access Your Forms and Checklists

Completed forms and checklists go every where you need them, but can also be managed from our user-friendly web console. With your forms and checklists securely stored in the ‘cloud’, you can check submitted forms and checklists from anywhere in the world.

Forms and checklists can be exported to PDF if required.  

Never hunt around for completed forms and checklists again!

“Digi Clip mobile forms allows us to start our invoicing as soon as we finish a job,

so cash flow has increased.” Scott Walker, Lend-A-Hand Handyman Services

The Features That Sets Digi Clip Apart

Digi Clip mobile forms will change how your organization collects, analyses and archives information.  

  • ‘Cloud’ and smart device app.
  • Text fields
  • Image capture
  • Signature capture
  • Offline capability
  • Save partially completed forms to draft
  • Mapping/address fields
  • Automatic population of fields
  • Lists
  • Automated emails
  • PDF conversion
  • Forms and checklists archived

Don’t want to start your forms from scratch? No problem just import forms from our Form Library into your account!

Try Our Trusted Mobile Form Application Risk Free 

Digi Clip mobile digital solutions that work!

What our Customers have to say:

“we complete all of our pre-operational equipment checks, safe journey plans, and incident and hazard reporting on the Digi Clip mobile app. It has certainly made a difference in safety and compliance for us.” Nick Smith – S&S Logistics

“Digi Clip has made a significant difference in our reporting on safety and quality, and how we go about our business.”

Brenton Sneath – In-Line-Pallets

“We use Digi Clip for our facilities management and reporting on Safety. We are really impressed with how it has improved our reporting.”  Adelaide Produce Markets Pty Ltd

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