Streamline Business Processes & Improve Safety with DIGI CLIP

Businesses across all industries face the challenge of managing a wide range of processes that involve collecting data, such as inspections, audits, and checklists. Traditionally, these processes have relied on paper-based forms, which can be time-consuming, error-prone, and costly to manage. DIGI CLIP mobile forms offer a solution to these problems by digitising these processes, which can save time and money while improving the accuracy of data capture and safety.

Real-Time Data Capture

DIGI CLIP allows users to capture data in real time using their mobile devices. This means that data can be collected and processed much more quickly than with paper-based forms. Real-time data capture also ensures that data is up-to-date, accurate, and complete.

Customisable Forms

DIGI CLIP forms are customised to meet the unique needs of each business. Further, images, digital signatures and comment fields can be added to enhance data capture. Submitted forms are also time and geo stamped to further enhance the validity of data collection. Customisable forms also ensure that data is consistent and standardised across different locations, which makes it easier to compare and analyze data.

Below: Digital Load Restraint & Compliance Checklist by DIGI CLIP

hazardous materials transportation inspection Checklist

DIGI CLIP mobile forms provide digital safety & compliance checklists

Easy Data Analysis

DIGI CLIP’s analytics dashboard makes it easy to analyze data and identify trends or patterns. Users can view data in real-time, generate reports, and share data with team members or stakeholders. This feature enables businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Improved Safety

Safety checklists are a simple, easy-to-use tool used by safety officers, managers, and those responsible for workplace safety, including those working in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and many other industry sectors. These tools are designed to help prevent workplace injuries while improving worker productivity and overall safety performance. They consist of a list of items to be checked off before beginning a task, operating equipment, assessing employee behaviour, or conducting a safety audit. Common safety checklists are daily pre-start checks, hazard identification checklists and safe work procedures as a checklist. Further, by digitising paper-based processes, DIGI CLIP helps to reduce the risk of human error.


DIGI CLIP mobile forms can help businesses to save time and money by digitising paper-based processes, such as inspections, audits, and checklists. The real-time data capture, customisable forms, and easy data analysis features make DIGI CLIP an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. By improving accuracy and safety outcomes, DIGI CLIP can help businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

DIGI CLIP mobile forms – What Do We Do?

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is an easy-to-use inexpensive digital checklist & inspection app and cloud-based software. DIGI CLIP is used across different industries to capture safety and compliance data and other information to help improve safety, compliance and operational efficiencies.

DIGI CLIP will allow you to remove paper reporting from your business – no more lost, late missing or illegible checklists. The DIGI CLIP mobile app allows images, comments and digital signatures to be added to checklists from a phone or tablet.

DIGI CLIP has a Form Library where you can access all of the above forms and more for your use. All checklists and inspections can be edited or updated to meet your risk and operational requirements.

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Streamline your vehicle, equipment, work site and facility safety checks with the DIGI CLIP  checklist and inspection app today.

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