Construction Safety Checklists

There is no doubt about it that Construction safety checklists help keep your construction site safe.

Construction safety inspections are used by proactive supervisors and foremen to make sure that the construction sites follow safety protocols that help protect employees and prevent injuries.

What is a Construction Safety Checklist?

Construction safety checklists are widely used in the building trade as a way to collect key information about different components of construction safety, assess whether construction workers are following safe work instructions and whether site safety protocols are being adhered to. Simple construction safety checklists can be used by supervisors and/or foremen during the course of their jobs to identify potential hazards and minimize risk.

What is a Safety Audit Checklist?

A safety audit checklist is similar to a safety checklist, except that it focuses on the entire construction site rather than just one specific area of it. These types of safety audits are often done periodically throughout the life cycle of a construction project, in order to identify any potential problems before they occur. Construction companies should keep their job site assessment checklists updated frequently, in order to make sure that they are meeting current safety regulatory requirements.

Why use Construction Safety Checklists & Audits

SafeWork Australia released their Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2022. The report details that almost two-thirds (64%) of worker fatalities occurred in the following industries:

  • Transport, postal and warehousing (52 deaths)
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing (33 deaths)
  • Construction (24 deaths).

The most common causes of worker fatalities were:

  • Vehicle collisions (38%)
  • Being hit by moving objects (14%)
  • Falls from a height (11%) (SafeWork Australia).

Implementing safe work practices can make construction sites safe and help prevent accidents during construction projects. Proactively and regularly conducting construction site safety checks and audits using checklists designed to help identify hazards and unsafe work practices help control risks and help ensure the safety of construction workers, site visitors and the environment.

Construction Safety Checklists

DIGI CLIP mobile forms top digital forms used in the construction industry include:

  • Task Height Safety Checklist – Used to assess height safety and fall prevention.
  • SWMS – High-Risk Construction Work Template – Used to identify and control the hazards associated with high-risk construction work.
  • New Site Assessment Checklist – Used to assess a new construction site that is conducting general construction, improvement or renovation works.
  • Scaffolding Safety Checklist – Used to help ensure that scaffolding is in good condition and used correctly.
  • Daily Site Hazard Checklist – Used daily to identify, document and communicate construction site safety hazards.
  • Scissor Lift Pre-Use Inspection Checklist – Used to conduct scissor lift pre-use safety inspections.
  • Harness Pre-Use Inspection Checklist – Used to help conduct harness inspections prior to use.
  • Lanyard Pre-Use Inspection Checklist – Used to help conduct lanyard inspections prior to use.
  • Take 5 – Used to identify and control hazards prior to starting a task.
  • Work Pre-Start Meeting – Used daily prior to work start to document and communicate relevant site hazards and issues.
  • Electrical Equipment Safety Checklist – Used to check plant electrical safety prior to work.
  • First Aid Kit Content Checklist (General) – Used to check the contents of a first aid kit to ensure that they are stocked and their contents have not been damaged or have expired.

Below is a screenshot of a digital Daily Site Hazard checklist.

Construction Safety Checklist

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