The Australian Agricultural industry, including Forestry and Fisheries, had 46 employee fatalities in 2020. The Transport, Postal & Warehousing industry had 49 and the Construction industry 36 deaths. Agriculture is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in (Safe Work Australia). 

Some of the industry hazards include:

  • plant (including tractors, motorbikes, 4 x 4 ATV’s and quad bikes),
  • chemicals (including pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers),
  • noise,
  • dust,
  • environmental (exposure to sun and varying weather conditions),
  • working with animals, and 
  • working in isolation (Safe Work Australia).  

DIGI CLIP mobile forms have several forms used by farmers to help with workplace safety:

  • Heavy Vehicle and Trailer Pre-Start Checklist
  • Light Vehicle Pre-Start Checklist 
  • Tractor Pre-Start Checklist 
  • Quad Bike Pre-Operational Checklist
  • Polaris 4×4 Pre-Ride Checklist
  • Chemical Exposure Record
  • Ag/Farm Safety Checklist. 

These forms and others are available in the DIGI CLIP Form Libary where they can be downloaded to your DIGI CLIP subscription for use. All forms are editable to ensure they meet your specific risk requirements.

DIGI CLIP allows employees to complete checklists and other forms on a phone or tablet via an iOS or Android app. Completed checklists are submitted to the cloud-based software, where they are archived. Hazards are communicated via automated emails and added to the Action Register, where they are tracked until rectified and then closed out. 

DIGI CLIP is paperless, automated, easy to use and works offline. 

If you would like to learn more about DIGI CLIP and how it can help your organisation improve safety, follow this link