DIGI CLIP mobile forms is an iOS and Android smart device app and cloud-based software application. DIGI CLIP allows drivers, managers and field workers to complete their daily pre-start checks, driver maintenance requests, hazard inspections, site inspections and more within the smart device app. The cloud-based software automatically adds identified faults,  defects and safety issues from smart fields to the Action Register located in the cloud-based software. The fleet or safety manager schedules repairs and tracks the workflow using the Action Register. All submitted checklists, inspections and other forms are stored securely in the cloud-based software where they can be easily accessed if required.

Our client base is predominantly trucking companies requiring fleet and equipment reporting; However, we also have fishing companies, ferry services, facilities management and hire organisations that use DIGI CLIP.

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You can email us at admin@digiclip.io if you have any questions on what we do and how we can help?

Finally, if you decide to trial DIGI CLIP free for 14-days, and your forms are not in our Form Library, send your forms through and we’ll add them to your account so you can maximise the trial period.