The Case for Mobile Inspection Software for Small Trucking Companies

The Objection

Two of the most common objections we hear when talking to potentials customers about digitising their vehicle fleet daily pre-start checks are “It’s too expensive” and “we aren’t IT savvy.”

Real-World Case Study

Phil, a new customer that I never spoken to before and had not replied to any of my emails offering help to set up his account, called me out of the blue today. Phil is a subcontractor for Australia Post and has a small fleet of vehicles and a few full-time drivers. During our phone conversation, Phil said, “it was a no-brainer for him as a book of Daily Pre-Start Checks would cost him $50.00 per month, and DIGI CLIP was costing him $12.00 per month.” Phil had DIGI CLIP up and running within minutes and rolled out to his drivers within 30 minutes without any technical assistance from us. Further, with DIGI CLIP’s enhanced reporting and automation, which includes email alerts, automatic archiving of checklists, and defects are automatically added to an Action Register where they are tracked until rectified and closed out.

For a small investment, Phil has improved the ability to report on his vehicle fleet and ultimately increased vehicle safety and compliance.

What is DIGI CLIP?

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is a smart device app and cloud-based software application. DIGI CLIP allows drivers and field workers to complete their daily vehicle and equipment pre-start checks, driver maintenance requests, hazard inspections, site inspections, and more within the app on an iOS or Android device. The cloud-based software automatically adds faults and defects from smart fields to the Action Register from where the fleet manager schedules repairs. All submitted checklists and other forms are stored securely in the cloud-based software. Our client base is predominantly trucking companies requiring fleet and equipment reporting; we also have fishing trawlers, facilities management, and hire organisations that use DIGI CLIP.

The Benefits

DIGI CLIP will help with vehicle and equipment safety, reduce checklist and inspection admin by up to 65%, help show compliance for NHVR maintenance management, and reduce audit times.

You can sign up for a 14-day no-obligation free trial, by following this link, where we will set up your account with some checklists and inspections specific to your company’s risk profile.