Report on vehicle and equipment compliance and safety, efficiently, accurately and in real-time to improve workplace health and safety, chain of responsibility compliance, and save time and money.

DIGI CLIP has reinvented how companies complete truck and equipment checklists and inspections.

The DIGI CLIP mobile app provides you with the necessary tools to compete in this fast-paced global business environment while maintaining safety and compliance.

With our Truck & Equipment Pre-Start Checklist App for Smartphones & Tablets, you can reduce checklist completion time and administrative tasks by up to 65%, and efficiently analyse your data to identify problems.

Checklists and inspections are conducted with ease on a phone or tablet, within the DIGI CLIP mobile app, with or without the internet, so operations don’t stop when there’s lack of internet connectivity.

The vehicle driver completes pre-start checklists, driver maintenance request, POD, and more within the app. The cloud-based software automatically adds faults and defects to the Action Register from where the fleet manager schedules repairs. Once the vehicle is safe and compliant, the Action Register is updated, and an automated email informs the driver of the repairs.

The app is updated in real-time, and documents are archived for safe storage, so you have everything in one place, accurate data is always available, and historical reports are at your fingertips.

Many small to medium trucking companies don’t have adequate systems to ensure their vehicle fleet is roadworthy and safe, even though it’s a legal requirement.

Don’t risk lives or your accreditation. DIGI CLIP lite and DIGI CLIP plus helps you keep your fleet safe and compliant, at an affordable price.

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