Marketing: The Benefits Of A Digital Form Platform


Quick – look around you. If you are reading this on your lunch break, everyone around you has got eyes on their smartphones. Our addiction to our phones is a well-known phenomenon. And it’s not likely to be decreasing any time soon. In fact, some contend our mobile devices and digital form platforms are a staple of our society these days. The stats bear it out, too. In fact, this trend is only increasing. Now’s a perfect time to review your marketing plan.

Below are some tips to help you formulate or adjust your company marketing plan strategy around the mobile app technology. We will discuss why your digital form platform must be as efficient and applicable as possible in today’s market. We will share steps you can take to bring you optimal results now and in the future.

Mobile Apps

Amazingly, Apple’s trademarked logo, “There’s an app for that,” is nine years old. Back in 2009, these apps had only a single purpose, whereas today’s apps are multi-functional and integrate with other mobile apps. For example, not only are we using mobile apps to access emails, social media, complete mobile forms, but we’re also turning adjusting the temperature or turning on the lights in our homes.

That crowd at lunchtime is not unusual. American adults are spending on average a 3 hours and 23 minutes a day on mobile media, apart from phone voice use. That figure has gradually increased steadily from 2013 by a full hour and is expected to continue.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

As of March of last year, 80% of all websites were adapted for mobile devices. There is no longer any doubt that businesses need optimised mobile-responsive websites to thrive. And since 80% of internet users are smartphone owners, due in part to giveaways by cell phone companies’ contracts, businesses using mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of their advertising dollars next year. It is safe to assume that your buyers have Internet and they regularly use it on their smartphones.

So, how are these companies optimising? By using mobile responsive email templates and mobile forms that work for all devices. The must be streamlined and fully integrated with company websites to generate more leads and increase conversions, not just collect data.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is considered the top priority for 71% of companies today. Having proven to show a high ROI (return on investment) for these companies, they have fully integrated mobile marketing technology into all of their marketing strategies.

Mobile apps consume 89% of total mobile media time, while the rest of the time, 11%, are spent on websites. These figures are significant to your business as it shows that consumers prefer using mobile apps to access information. Therefore, it is imperative to provide the best experience for prospective customers through mobile apps.

Benefits Of The Digital Form Platform

Static electronic forms are being replaced by dynamic digital forms for today’s information worker. If working faster, smarter, and from anywhere is attractive to you, then consider boosting your process with advanced automation.

Industries that engage in specialty-specific features, such as healthcare, construction or field service, for example, find using a digital form platform and mobile forms apps a considerable advantage. Digital forms can be set up to offer auto filling of fields, use media, add digital signatures and much more. Mobile forms can improve processes that drive compliance, safety and profits!

Additionally, by using this digital form technology, the company will see substantial time and cost savings. No need for office supplies and filing cabinets. Forms are not only time saving for the customer, but staff will quickly and easily retrieve files much faster than having to sort through paper files. Hence, workflows are shortened. Lastly, using digital forms is environmentally friendly as they reduce paper waste and reduce ink usage.

One caveat: organisations may be tempted to create their own digital form platform application. The downside being the wasting of time and money getting an in-house development team working towards already available inexpensive digital form platforms.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that digital technology, digital form platforms and mobile devices are here to stay. By using the tools available to help grow your business, not only will you see your business succeed, but thrive exponentially.