Smart device forms are becoming much more popular for organisations serious about data capture. Users of this new technology enjoy richer data capture and increased performance.

There are numerous advantages to adopting mobile digital forms over using paper forms and here are some of the top reasons to consider adopting mobile forms as your main source of data capture and action:

More efficient means of data capture: todays techno savy mobile workforce enjoy the benefits of smart devices. Smart devices offer the functionality of pre-emptive text, auto correct, mapping and media. Further, form templates can be given business rules and field auto population. This all adds up to a richer experience in data capture.

Receive data in next to real time: forms submitted are archived in a central cloud based form register where the form data can be interrogated and stakeholders alerted of followup actions in next to real time. Completed forms can be accessed anytime and anywhere where there is internet connectivity and a web browser. This is a powerful tool for organisations that need to recall and action data.

Cost savings: paper and printing can be an expensive cost with any type of form. Rather than printing out thousands of forms which may be discarded, you can have a format that is ready to use and easy to update at any time. Forms can be completed on mobile phones or tablet on and offline through a smart device app.

A digital form platform needs to be scalable, configurable, and secure. They also need to be able work on and offline, have a draft capability, and be able to upload completed forms to a central register. Finally they need to be reliable!

Digital forms are quickly becoming the approved method for businesses interested in capturing and archiving data. If you would like to access high-quality mobile digital forms for your business check out today.