Mobile Forms: The Key to Unlocking the Potential of Your Mobile Workforce

Communication of information to those who need it is a critical component of any organisations strategy for success. This is even more so for organisations with a mobile workforce in the field.  The solution is mobile forms.

Information needs to be passed from the back office to the mobile workforce in the field providing all the information so jobs can be started and completed, and the mobile work force can move on to the next job seamlessly.  This sort of information can be a morning brief by a supervisor; or for more fluid organisations that have employees all over the country this can be done over the phone by voice or text message, or via an email system by a scheduler or dispatcher.

Once the job has been completed the next critical task is to communicate the outcomes or findings back to the office in an easy to understand format, and in next to real time. Some of this information may include inspection reports, job completion reports, time sheets, quotes, insurance information, HVAC reports or any other required information. Mobile forms allow field workers to complete all these forms and submit them to the office in next to real time. The competitive advantage is information can be acted upon sooner. Invoicing for completed work can start sooner increasing cash flow, materials and components can be ordered decreasing the time it takes to complete jobs, and reports can be finalised and dispatched.

Also, there is an advantage of mobile forms over digital forms. The advantage is that information can still be captured by a mobile form if there is no Internet connectivity, where digital forms cannot. Mobile forms can still capture information when not connected to the Internet via a smart device app and then submit that information to the office once Internet connectivity has been achieved.

With mobile forms there is no need to purchase an expensive field management system that does not communicate to the back office in real time. Contact today to find out how mobile forms can help you!